TrueCam A5s

Are you looking for a truly professional car camera? Look no further …

The holder ensures that fitting the camera on a daily basis is not complicated or annoying. There’s no need to connect any cables or find the right angle. The dashcam can capture dangerous or inappropriate behaviour around your car at any time of day. The camera is equipped with an improved 2020* chip to take even better shots. With GPS and Google Maps, you can analyse the routes you’ve travelled in great detail. The TrueCam A5s is also a perfect assistant for taking beautiful shots of the places you’ve been.

*Cameras with new chips are already available at all TrueCam dealers

TrueCam A5s

Front view of the TrueCam A5s in-car camera. LED illumination, intelligent mounting bracket and high-quality lens.


TrueCam A5s

Side view of the TrueCam A5s, memory card slot and output for connection to a HDTV or computer.


TrueCam A5s

Simple and convenient installation of the TrueCam A5s onto a special mount, into which the power supply is connected. Quick and simple installation, with the camera you just “snap” and go.


TrueCam A5s

The TrueCam A5s controls are intuitive, fast and in English. The most important functions can be activated at the push of a button whilst recording.


The TrueCam A5s is a professional in-car camera. Protect yourself and your parked car.

New sensor for even sharper Full HD images

We’ve improved the camera with a new sensor to capture even greater detail. This delivers even clearer shots of number plates, passers-by and people’s faces, providing conclusive evidence day and night. The camera records at Full HD 1080p, a resolution you’ll appreciate when you need to zoom in.

Speedometer function

A new function of the TrueCam A5s camera is the SPEEDOMETER function. With it you can monitor your current speed and direction (shown as a compass) directly on the display. As well as displaying the compass and current speed, the camera will also alert you to upcoming speed cameras. The display shows the speed limit while approaching the speed camera, its distance and will alert you when speeding. The SPEEDOMETER function can be set as a screensaver so that the display does not distract, for example, when driving at night.

GPS module

The TrueCam A5s is equipped with a GPS module. In addition to calculating your position, it also measures and records speed. You have the option to either display the speed on the video or just store it in the GPS log. If you do not want the speed to be recorded on the video, simply turn the feature off. The recorded data can be displayed using Google Maps.

Speed camera detection

Along with the TrueCam A5s camera it is possible to purchase a detector which alerts the driver to fixed speed cameras, average speed cameras, red light cameras and other places where it is good to exercise caution. Our database contains more than 33,000 locations in 36 Europeans countries and Russia. Using voice guidance the driver is warned of upcoming dangers or excessive speed. The database is extremely accurate and includes free updates.

Quick everyday installation

For everyday use, it is important that installing the camera in the car is quick and simple. Thanks to the permanent car mount, which includes a permanent power connection, there are no complicated or annoying installation procedures such as adjusting the position of the camera or connecting a power supply. With the TrueCam A5s you simply “snap” and go.

Loop recording

Thanks to the TrueCam A5s in car camera, it is possible to shoot video continuously. If the memory fills up then the camera will overwrite the oldest recordings. Thus you no longer have to worry about the recording being interrupted because of a full memory card. When needed, you can lock any video recording or photo to protect it from being deleted.


The G-sensor, accelerometer or gravity sensor, is a sensor which records the movement of the vehicle in three dimensional space, and in the event of an accident will capture all the necessary data. This data can then be viewed in the GPS player. Using this sensor the camera detects a collision and automatically locks the current recording to prevent it from being accidentally deleted.

Video lock

If you wish to keep a recording safe then just press the lock button and it will be protected against overwriting. The button may be used at any time when viewing recordings or whilst shooting video in order to create a selection of videos for storage and later use. Videos and photos can be unlocked at any time and deleted manually.

LCD display with English menu

An essential component of the TrueCam A5s is its LCD display which allows you to check what the dashcam has recorded, view a recording, or set the necessary camera functions. The control menu of the TrueCam A5s is entirely in English for trouble-free operation. The menu itself is easy and intuitive.

Motion detection

Your dash cam instantly begins recording when the sensor detects movement. This captures anyone or anything that may damage your parked car in the surrounding area. In the event of such an incident you will have clear evidence at hand, whether it be the face of the offender or the registration number of a car.

Interchangeable UV and polarizing filters

For the TrueCam A5s dash cam, it is possible to easily attach a polarizing CPL filter or UV filter to the lens. The CPL polarizing filter eliminates glare, getting rid of unwanted light reflections especially from the windscreen. The UV filter improves colour saturation and vibrancy, the sky is darker and it removes haze on the distant horizon. These interchangeable filters are not included in the basic package.

Night Mode

Regardless of the lighting conditions, you can be assured that the TrueCam A5s black box camera takes clear shots every time, thanks to its high-quality lens and night mode. Filming or taking photos at night or in low light conditions is not a problem.

Software application – video display, speed and route map. All in one place.


If the display distracts you or is too bright, you can simply disable it at the touch of a button and it can be turned on again in the same way. It is also possible to set up an automatic shutdown where after a selected amount of time has elapsed the display will go into sleep mode.


The camera has a high-quality microphone but if you suddenly receive a phone call and do not want the camera to record the audio you can mute the recording immediately by pressing a button. Pressing the button again will reactivate the audio recording.


The car camera has a dedicated button for taking photos. If you need to take a photo whilst recording, there are no complicated settings to adjust, you simply press the shot button. The TrueCam A5s software also enables you to take a photo of previously recorded video by pressing the button.


The TrueCam A5s in-car camera offers a wide range of luminance, thanks to which you can precisely choose the most comfortable level. Before recording you can monitor it on the LCD screen to see which level suits you best.


This is a particularly convenient feature, especially when your company uses multiple drivers. The name of each driver can be entered into the memory, so that in the event of any problems the driver can be easily identified. If this feature is turned on then the driver’s name is displayed on the recording.


The TrueCam A5s dash cam adapts to where you place it. It can therefore be mounted upside down. When you select the 180° rotation setting it reverses the image as well as the menu and everything will be displayed in the standard way. Similarly the videos and photos are recorded in the correct orientation.


For filming or shooting in the dark the TrueCam A5s camera has a LED light source, which acts as an auxiliary light. It is a very useful tool for documenting accidents at night. By removing the camera from the windscreen it can be used like a standard digital camera to shoot any further damage or document evidence.


Although the TrueCam A5s camera can see perfectly at night, unfortunately the same can not be said of us. Therefore for ease of operation in the dark, the camera has backlit keys. As a result, you do not need to use any other light source to control the camera or change the settings. As with all functions, if it is not needed this feature can be easily turned off.


One of the many functions of the TrueCam A5s is the ability to choose whether or not to display the vehicle speed on the video. It is up to you which option you choose.


The GPS module allows for the option to display the location of the vehicle. If you do not want your location to be seen on the recording this function is easily disabled.


The TrueCam A5s on-board car camera utilises GPS and Google Maps to display a convenient overview of the route of your journey. In the case of more frequent trips of a greater distance you can get a good idea of the speed and length of the journey and easily opt for the most efficient way.


The TrueCam A5s is installed with an application which displays the video, Google Maps and the speed graph on a single screen. Using the G-sensor the application also displays g-forces.

The TrueCam A5s dashcam is intended for professionals use and car enthusiasts!