TrueCam H7

So discreet, you’ll forget it’s there

No display, discreet, superb picture and smart features. We’ve packed it all into an incredibly compact body. The TrueCam H7 is a hidden dashcam that can be left in the car 24/7 thanks to its small size. The mobile app takes care of all the controls and downloads videos in seconds via the fastest 5 GHz WiFi.

Top-quality video in 2.5K

With high-quality 2.5K video, you can be sure to capture every detail. Plus, you can expand your footage with a Full HD rear camera.


Speed camera alerts

Thanks to the built-in GPS, the dashcam alerts you to fixed speed cameras, average speed camera, traffic lights with red light cameras and other controlled locations.



Built-in 5 GHz WiFi not only allows you to quickly set up your dashacam according to your needs, but also allows you to save the footage quickly on your smartphone..


Rear Camera (Optional)

With the TrueCam H7, you can also buy a Full HD rear camera. This allows you to record everything that happens behind you in high-quality.


Protect yourself and your car on the road with TrueCam H7

Place it anywhere

As the TrueCam H7 has no display and is completely controlled via the app, it can be placed anywhere inside your vehicle. Easily click it on the rear-view mirror and the top edge of the windscreen, where it won’t distract. Small size and discreet design make the TrueCam H7 the ideal hidden dashcam. So just set it up once and forget about it.

Sharp 2.5K video

High-end 2.5K footage covers your back in the middle of the city and in the countryside. The result is reliable conclusive shots containing important details such as license plates and the faces of other drivers and pedestrians. With a framerate of 30 FPS, you won’t miss a thing and playback will be perfectly smooth.

Know about speed cameras in advance

Fixed speed cameras will no longer take you by surprise on the road. The dashcam will alert you to them in time and, of course, in English. In addition to speed cameras, we’ll keep you informed of all traffic lights. Our database contains more than 40 thousand locations from all over Europe. With built-in GPS, you can also view speed directly in the video itself.

Control via the app

The TrueCam H7 has no display, so it is primarily controlled through a custom-made mobile application. It is fully in English and you can manage all settings quickly and easily. Drag and drop your captured videos just as easily thanks to the powerful 5 GHz WiFi for lightning-fast transmission.

Capacitor instead of a battery

The camera has a supercapacitor instead of a conventional battery. This guarantees a longer lifetime, maximum safety and is not affected by temperature changes. The camera will not be damaged by a hot dashboard or morning frost. The TrueCam H7 does have to be powered when shooting footage nonstop but this is commonplace in dashcams.

Perfectly-equipped dashcam

We’ve equipped the new TrueCam with all the features to protect you and make your life easier. For example, auto-start means you don’t have to worry about switching it on. Loop recording automatically deletes the oldest unnecessary recording to save space. The G-Sensor automatically locks the video when it detects a collision and controls are easy with the full English menu making operating it a breeze.

Protects you day and night

When the days begin to shorten and you start driving more often in the twilight and darkness, you’ll certainly appreciate the cutting-edge chip in the TrueCam H7, which will capture conclusive shots even under difficult conditions. It features WDR, which enables the camera to deal far more quickly with differences between light and shade – for example, when you are dazzled by an oncoming car.

Keep watch behind (optional)

Don’t leave anything to chance and protect your rear bumper. With TrueCam H7, you can buy a Full HD rear camera to see what is going on behind your car.

Professional footage thanks to CPL (optional)

Your videos become perfect thanks to the optional polarizing filter. Polarizing, because it reduces the amount of light and lets in exactly as many sun rays as needed. The video itself gets better contrast and colours. At the same time, the CPL filter prevents unwanted reflection from the dashboard on the windscreen. The result is flawless and saturated footage.

Easy to adjust settings and viewing shots – all in one application and in your language!

Speed camera alerts

Thanks to the built-in GPS, the dashcam alerts you to fixed speed cameras, average speed camera, traffic lights with red light cameras and other controlled locations.

Fastest 5 GHz WiFi

With powerful WiFi, streaming video between your phone and camera is even faster and more convenient. You don’t need any cables.

Application in English

The TrueCam H7 is entirely controlled via a custom-built mobile application. It is in English, so you can use it right away – in addition to changing settings, it can edit the resulting videos.

Modern H.265 Codec

The camera records using the latest H.265 codec. Videos in this format take up less space, leaving you more memory to play with.

128 GB Card

Supports MicroSD cards up to 128 GB, more than enough space for your footage.

Loop Recording

The camera itself frees up space on the card by deleting the oldest unnecessary videos. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Allows you to create a video using 0.2 s, 0.5 s, and 1 s frames. With a permanent power supply, it enables long-term monitoring of events around a parked car.


Videos can also be locked automatically. Whenever the built-in G-sensor detects an impact, it saves the video as evidence.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range

Wide dynamic range helps balance out sharp contrasts between light and shade – even when driving out of a tunnel or approaching an oncoming car at night.

Dashcam TrueCam H7 – So discreet, you’ll forget it’s there