TrueCam M5 WiFi

Ready in a click

The TrueCam M5 WiFi is the most practical dashcam in our range, with an even better magnetic holder, superb Sony lens, a ton of handy features and high-quality Full HD recording. Whether you’re on a long journey to the coast or struggling in the morning rush hour, the onboard camera protects you night and day. In the event of an accident, you’ll get reliable evidence and avoid lengthy disputes.

TrueCam M5 WiFi

Thanks to the 150° angle and Full HD, TrueCam M5 WiFi will capture all necessary details of your drive.


TrueCam M5 WiFi

The compact size and matte black color guarantee that TrueCam M5 WiFi will not obstruct your view or attract unwanted attention.


TrueCam M5 WiFi

TrueCam M5 Wifi is fun to use thanks to its large LCD screen with great visibility and Czech menu.


TrueCam M5 WiFi

Mounting the cam into the magnetic holder only takes a second, and the special stopper ensures that mounting is stable and safe.


Protect yourself and your car on the road with TrueCam M5 WiFi camera

Fastest install on the market

Thanks to the magnetic holder, the TrueCam M5 WiFi is ready in seconds. In addition, the new special stopper anchors the camera even tighter and more securely. We’ve also equipped the lens with a magnet so the optional polarizing filter snaps on fast. In short, before and after your journey the camera won’t hold you up.

Full HD, full of evidence

The camera can shoot everything that happens in front of the car in high definition. The perfect 150° viewing angle does not distort the image and important objects such as license plates remain large and legible. 30 frames per second copes easily with fast motion, and a high-end 1080p optical sensor delivers fantastic video quality.

Easy control over WiFi with your phone

Our car camera has built-in WiFi, making it easy to transfer videos and adjust settings. Everything can be done in just a few taps from your smartphone on our app.

Enough detail even in the dark

Using the brand new Sony Starvis lens and sensor, optimized for shooting in low light conditions, we’ve achieved the best night vision ever seen in a dashcam. The camera constantly adjusts its settings to the surrounding conditions. Thus, you’ll get conclusive shots even in really low light conditions outside urban areas. In the city, the WDR function will help with transitions between light and shade – for example, when exiting a tunnel.

Perfect size for the windscreen

Thanks to its size, the TrueCam M5 WiFi will never obstruct your view. Despite this, it has a clear legible 2″ display with a wide viewing angle. You can easily view the last shot or adjust the settings. The camera is matt black making it inconspicuous and hardly noticeable to passers-by.

Perfectly-equipped dashcam

We’ve equipped the new TrueCam with all the features to protect you and make your life easier. For example, auto-start means you don’t have to worry about switching it on. Loop recording automatically deletes the oldest unnecessary recording to save space. The G-Sensor automatically locks the video when it detects a collision and controls are easy with the full English menu making operating it a breeze.

Keep watch over your parked car

No more bumps from an untraceable culprit. The TrueCam car camera skillfully monitors your parked car. Just leave it connected to the power supply and the sensor automatically detects motion and starts recording.

Extra long lifetime

Our car camera uses a supercapacitor instead of a traditional battery. It manages temperature changes much better, is more reliable, safer and lasts longer. To operate it needs to be constantly connected to a power supply, which is a matter of course for dashcams.

Speed camera detection (optional)

You can also order a magnetic GPS module with speed camera detection for the TrueCam M5 WiFi. This gives you access to a database of more than 33,000 fixed radars in 36 countries around the world. Plus, you can see your speed right on the video itself, so you’ll have proof that you weren’t breaking the rules.

Software application installed enabling it to display video, speed and route on the one screen. Everything in one place.

English menu

The multilingual menu is also available in English. So everyone can operate the cam without a dictionary.

(Wide Dynamic Range)

Wide dynamic range helps to balance sharp contrasts between light and shade – for example, when leaving a tunnel.

Best night shots

Using the improved lens and objective, we’ve achieved the best night video we’ve ever had in a camera. So you’ll stay protected nonstop.


The screensaver means the camera will not dazzle you in low light and darkness.

Optional sound recording

Easily set whether or not you want the camera to record audio inside the vehicle.

CPL filter

Special polarizing filter prevents unwanted glare such as dashboard reflection in the windscreen. Magnetic mounting makes it easy to use.

PC application showing location

Browse your footage at rest on your computer. If you have the optional GPS module, the application will show the route on Google Maps, including speed.

Speed and location in video

With the additional GPS module, our camera can display both speed and location in the video. You’ll get proof that you didn’t break the rules. By recording the location, you can see exactly where the car was. Both functions can be easily turned off.

Speedometer and speed alert

With the optional GPS module, the camera can also serve as a speedometer to alert you whenever you exceed the speed limit.

Dashcam TrueCam M5 WiFi – Ready in a click