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All about dashcams

At TrueCam, from the very beginning, we have specialised solely in dashcams. We constantly follow the latest technologies, test and improve our products. We are not afraid to say that we are experts in our field and as experts we would be happy to guide you through everything you need to know before buying a dashcam.

Why it is important to have a dashcam

  • 1

    Proof in the event of an accident

    When something goes wrong, it's not pleasant. However, a dashcam can be very useful in the event of an accident. It immediately provides clear and verifiable evidence of the whole incident for the police and insurance companies. So, there will be no disputes and the unpleasant process can be brought to a close much quicker and easier.

  • 2

    Recording traffic accidents and offenses

    Having a camera in your car can aid not only you, but other drivers as well. For example, in discovering the culprit of the accident, providing evidence of the incident, or capturing a dangerous driver. Whatever you’ve witnessed, your dashcam has too.

  • 3

    Avoiding false accusations

    If you're in the right, a dashcam has you covered. Whether you get into a dispute over who caused the accident, or you get an unjustified fine. With clear evidence of the incident, you won't have to explain the situation in complex detail, the video speaks for itself.

  • 4

    Protection against fines

    Some dashcams are equipped with a GPS system and a speed camera database. Thanks to this and the use of Google Maps, the camera can alert you to approaching speed cameras, average speed cameras and red-light cameras.

  • 5

    Overview of drivers who work for your company

    Dashcams with GPS also monitor the position and speed of the car throughout the journey. Retrospectively, you can then keep track of exactly where the car was going and at what speed. There will be no need to install complicated and expensive tracking devices in your company cars.

  • 6


    A dashboard camera does not just have to witness unpleasant incidents. If your passion is driving around corners on a race circuit or in the mud, then a dashcam can provide great driving footage directly from the cockpit.

  • 7

    Capturing unusual situations

    Have you ever said to yourself behind the wheel "It's a shame I didn’t get that on video"? With a dashcam on the windscreen, you will capture all the day-to-day and unusual happenings you encounter on the road. The recording will add a whole new dimension to your story.

  • 8

    Protecting your car even in your absence

    Public car parks can be a nightmare. Most of our dashcams are equipped with a parking mode so whenever the camera detects motion it automatically starts recording what is happening around your car even when you are away.

How to choose the right dashcam

Are you considering buying a dashcam, but not sure where to start? Don't worry about the technicalities, as dashcam experts we will be happy to help you. It is important to look for a few main features.

  • ✔ Loop recording
  • ✔ G-sensor and file protection
  • ✔ Minimum Full HD resolution (1920×1080)
  • ✔ Minimum frame rate of 30 FPS
  • ✔ 130 ° - 150 ° field of view
  • ✔ A screen to watch the footage directly on the dashcam itself (day and night)
  • ✔ Support of microSD cards of at least 16 GB

TrueCam dashcams meet all the major requirements. So just choose according to your needs. Would you like, for example, a GPS module with speed camera detection, a rear camera or a magnetic holder for quick setup?


Why truecam?

Market leader

We are the unrivalled number one on the Czech and Slovak dashcam market. Our TrueCams are the most common dashboard cameras that drivers have behind the windscreen. As a result TrueCam dashcams already protect almost 200,000 drivers on the roads across Europe.

We rigorously test cameras

Before being launched on the market, all our cameras undergo long rigorous testing and development, which takes place at our European headquarters. We want to make sure that only the best today's dashcam market has to offer will get to you, the customer.

We are experts in the field

We specialize purely in dashcams, which has enabled us to gather years of knowledge and experience. Thanks to this, we can devote all our attention to improving our products without distraction.

Frequently asked questions about dashcams

How do you keep the cables out of the way?

You can run the cables along the edge of the windscreen. The 3M adhesive cable clips, which come included with each TrueCam, will help you do this. You can also run the cable under the dashboard of the front passenger, over the glove box and straight to the cigarette lighter. To connect the rear camera, route the cable under the car roof trim.

If you do not feel like installing it yourself or do not have the time, you can get it professionally installed by a trained fitter.

How exactly does speed camera detection work?

Dashcams with speed camera detection either have an external GPS module, the GPS built into the mount, or directly in the camera itself. All these options work on the same principle - a speed camera database working with Google Maps. GPS recognizes that you are currently in the measured section and via the camera, alerts you to the maximum allowed speed and to how fast you are driving.

How do CPL filters work?

This polarizing filter prevents glare on the image by preventing light rays coming into the lens from perpendicular scattering. It is an excellent addition to a dashcam, as it reduces the effect of sunlight and reflections that could otherwise reduce the quality of the recording and at the same time reduces the overexposure of the sky. Above all, however, it significantly prevents the reflection of the inside of the car on the windscreen.

Is a dashcam recording recognized as evidence?

Yes. The police, the court and the insurance companies accept the recording made by the dashcams as evidence. If an accident occurs, anything that can clarify the origin and course of the event and was obtained in accordance with the law - including a recording from your dashboard camera - is accepted as evidence.

Does the law on personal data protection apply to dashcam recordings?

Yes and no. If you use the dashcam for your own protection and you only provide the recording to the police, insurance company, state office or a person close to you, then this law does not apply to its use. The case is different if you post a recording with the visible faces of pedestrians and license plates, for example, on social networks. By law, you must have the consent of everyone involved in the video to share it. Sharing a recording without any other vehicles and pedestrians (e.g. shooting a beautiful landscape along the way) is unrestricted.

Does the regulation on CCTV apply to dashcams?

Since 2016, the conditions on security camera systems have been tightened. However, this does not apply to dashboard cameras. According to the Office for Personal Data Protection, the fundamental difference is that a dashcam is not able to provide its operator with a regular overview of people and their behaviour in a particular area (as a security camera located on a building can).

How is a dashcam powered?

A dashboard camera is powered through the holder that is plugged into your car cigarette lighter. All you have to do is connect the power cable to the holder and the camera will turn on automatically when the car starts. You will find a car charger with two USB outputs in every TrueCam box, so you can power the camera and a smartphone at once.

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