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Our story

We founded TrueCam in 2014 with a clear mission - to bring drivers across Europe security behind the wheel in the form of dashboard cameras. From the beginning, we have specialized in dashcams. Thanks to this, we’ve been able to focus all our efforts on their improvement, development and rigorous testing. At the same time, we follow the latest technologies and trends to bring you only the best that the current dashcam market has to offer. Over our years of experience, our cameras have won many awards and become the number one on the market. As a result, TrueCam dashcams protect almost 200,000 drivers on the roads today.

  • 100 000+ zákazníků
  • Sídlíme v srdci Evropy
  • 10+ let zkušeností

Why a TrueCam dashcam?

  • 1

    Proven evidence in the event of an accident

    In the event of an accident, a dashcam will immediately provide you with clear and verifiable evidence of the entire incident for both the police and the insurance company.

  • 2

    Record traffic accidents and offences

    Having a camera in your car can also help other drivers. Whatever you witness, your dashcam does too.

  • 3

    Avoid false accusations

    If you're in the right, your dashcam has it covered. With a verifiable recording, you won't have to explain the situation, the video speaks for itself.

  • 4

    Protection against fines

    Dashcams equipped with a GPS system will alert you to approaching speed cameras, average speed cameras and red-light cameras.

  • 5

    An overview of the drivers who work for your company

    With the help of a dashcam with a GPS system, you can also track exactly where and at what speed the car was driving.

  • 6


    A dashboard camera does not have to just be for capturing unpleasant situations. It can also provide you with unique shots from the cockpit.

More about dashcam cameras

Our dashcam cameras

M agnetic

The M series cameras have a common denominator - a magnet. Using a magnet guarantees not only an ultra-fast setup of the camera every day, but also quick attachment of magnetic accessories such as a GPS module or CPL filter.

řada TrueCam Magnetic More

H idden

The H series is characterized mainly by its discreet appearance. All dashcams in this series are as discreet as possible. They won’t attract the attention of passers-by and you won't even notice it whilst driving.

řada TrueCam Hidden More

A uthentic

The A Series is the first and the original TrueCam series. The dashboard cameras in this series have everything a good dashboard camera should have, and more. The A-Series is quality tested by thousands of drivers across Europe.

řada TrueCam Authentic More
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Videos from TrueCam car cameras

  • Demonstration of driving with TrueCam H25 GPS 4K during the day
  • Demonstration of driving with TrueCam H25 GPS 4K camera at night
  • Demo drive with a TrueCam M11 GPS 4K camera
  • Demo drive with a TrueCam M11 GPS 4K camera at night
  • Demo drive with a TrueCam H7 camera
  • Demo drive with a TrueCam H7 camera at night