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Our cameras

M agnetic
Series Magnetic
H idden
Series Hidden
A uthentic
Series Authentic
Video resolution
Viewing angle
Micro SD

M11 GPS 4K

  • Clear evidence in 4K
  • Don’t sponsor the police by paying fines
  • Inconspicuous and quick to install
  • Maximum detail even at night
  • Convenient controls from your smartphone

M9 GPS 2.5K

  • Driving in 2.5K
  • Premium night shots
  • Save on fines
  • Discreet protection and easy to install
  • Wireless control via smartphone

M7 GPS Dual

  • Ready before you even buckle up
  • Full HD full of evidence
  • Two cameras = double protection
  • Avoid fines
  • High-quality night shots


  • Fastest installation on the market
  • Full HD full of evidence
  • Avoid fines
  • Detail, even in the dark
  • Easy control via WiFi and smartphone

H25 GPS 4K

  • Every inch of the road in 4K
  • ParkShield® advanced 24h parked car protection
  • TrueBright® for perfect night shots
  • Is there a speed camera coming up? You'll know about it
  • Your discreet guardian


  • Place it anywhere
  • Sharp video in 2.5K
  • Speed camera alerts
  • Control via the app
  • Protects you day and night


  • Clear shots in Full HD
  • Discreet design
  • Transfer recordings over Wi-Fi
  • Additional GPS module (optional)
  • Quick to fit


  • Top-quality Full HD with a brand-new chip
  • Avoid fixed speed camera fines
  • Smart mount saves time
  • Capacitor to provide a long service life
  • Premium assistance systems


  • New chip = even greater detail in Full HD
  • Fixed speed cameras won’t take you by surprise
  • Ready to go in seconds
  • The power of a battery and a supercapacitor
  • Clip on the windscreen or dash
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