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TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi

Fastest installation on the market

Thanks to the magnetic holder, the TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi is ready in seconds. In addition, a special new lock anchors the camera even tighter and more securely. We’ve also equipped the lens with a magnet for faster snapping on of the additional polarizing filter. The camera simply won't hold you back for a second before driving and after parking.

Full HD full of evidence

The camera can record everything that happens in front of the car in high definition. The perfect 150 ° angle of view does not distort the image and important objects such as number plates remain large and legible. The frame rate of 30 frames per second can handle even fast motion, and the top-quality optical sensor at a resolution of 1080p provides true quality video.

Avoid fines

Want to know about fixed speed cameras in 36 countries? With the snap-on magnetic GPS module, you’ll never be surprised by red light or speed cameras again. We have a database of over 40,000 locations and we are constantly adding more. Thanks to location data, you can also see your speed in the video itself.

Detail, even in the dark

Using the brand-new lens and a sensor optimized for shooting in low-light conditions, we've achieved the best night vision a dashcam has ever had. The camera constantly adapts its settings to the surrounding conditions whilst driving. This means you will get proven shots even in the dim light of the countryside. Back in the city, the WDR function will help with sharp light transitions - for example, when leaving a tunnel.

Easy control via WiFi and smartphone

Easy control via WiFi and smartphone

Our car camera has built-in WiFi, making transferring recordings and adjusting settings a breeze. You can do everything wirelessly with a few clicks from your smartphone using our application.

Perfect size on the windscreen

Perfect size on the windscreen

The TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi will never block your view but it still has a perfectly legible 2″ display with a wide viewing angle. This makes it easy to view the latest recording or adjust the settings. Thanks to its matte black colour, the camera is inconspicuous and barely noticeable to passers-by.

Much longer lifespan

Our car camera uses a supercapacitor instead of a traditional battery. It handles temperature changes much better, is more reliable, safer and lasts many times longer. To operate, it needs to be constantly powered but this is standard for dashcams.

TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi
Parking mode

Parking mode

Thanks to the G-sensor, the camera can monitor what's going on even after when parked up. Leave it plugged into the power supply and sleep peacefully - when someone backs into you, you’ll have proof.



The wide dynamic range function helps the camera to balance the sharp contrast of light and shadow. As a result, it will take clear shots even when you are leaving a tunnel.

Polarizing filters for the best shot (optional)

Polarizing filters for the best shot (optional)

Magnetic CPL filters remove unwanted glare from the video, making it even sharper and more detailed. It typically prevents the glare of the dashboard in the windscreen.

Speed and location on the video

Speed and location on the video

View speed and location information directly on the video. This is useful when a conflict arises over whether you broke the rules.



The camera can display the current speed as a screen saver. You won't have to glance down at the dial.

Screen saver

Screen saver

The camera automatically switches off the display and won’t dazzle you, even during those long night journeys.

TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi It has everything a proper dashcam should

Motion detection

Motion detection

Whenever the sensor detects movement, the dashcam will automatically start recording all events in front of the car, even while you are away.



The G-sensor records the direction you travel in three-dimensional space. This allows it to detect a sudden impact and automatically lock the current shot against being overwritten whilst loop recording.

Loop recording

Loop recording

When the memory becomes full, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest shots. So, there is no need to delete files manually, the camera will take care of it for you.

Video protection

Video protection

To prevent loop recording from overwriting an important shot, at the tap of a button the current recording will be archived to a protected folder.

Mobile app in english

Mobile app in english

The camera is controlled via a mobile app. It is intuitive and completely in English, making it easy to use for all.



Whenever the camera detects a power supply, it automatically turns on and starts recording. You won't have to worry about switching it on.

Demonstrations of driving with a camera

  • Demonstration of driving with TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi during the day

  • Demonstration of driving with TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi camera at night

Pack contents

  • 1 TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi camera
  • 2 Magnetic GPS module
  • 3 Magnetic 3M holder
  • 4 Adapter with two USB outputs
  • 5 Micro USB power cable
  • 6 Micro SD / USB adapter
  • 7 Replacement 3M adhesive pad (2×)
  • 8 3M cable holder (5×)
  • 9 Protective cover
  • 10 USB cable for updating the GPS module
  • * CPL filter (optional)
TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi - Pack contents
TrueCam M5 GPS WiFi - Balení

Technical specifications

Video resolution 1920×1080/30 fps 16:9
1280×720/60 fps 16:9
1280×720/30 fps 16:9
Viewing angle at 1080p 150°
Format and compression MP4 Format
Compression H.264
Sound Built-in microphone
Photo resolution 12 Mpx
Photo format JPEG
Display 2"
Speed camera alert YES
G-Senzor YES
WiFi 2.4 GHz
Interchangeable filters optional (CPL)
Micro SD slot up to 64 GB
Loop recording YES
Continuous video without loosing a second
Automatically overwrites oldest file
Select loop lenght
Locking files against overwriting YES
Turn function on at the touch of a button whilst recording
Auto start YES
Support auto start when powered on
Automatic shutdown when powered off
Display date and time YES
Option to turn off
Display speed in video YES
Option to turn off
Display location in video YES
Option to turn off
Motion detection YES
Parking mode YES
TimeLapse video no
Language Czech, English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak
Ports WiFi 2.4 GHz
Micro SD / USB adapter
Battery Supercapacitor
Charger - input 12 - 24 V
Charger - output 5 V / 1 A
Power cable 300 cm
Dimensions 69 × 45 × 34 mm
Weight 64 g
Operating temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
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