TrueCam M7 GPS Dual

Eyes in front and back

The TrueCam M7 GPS Dual magnetic dashcam is our best yet and makes dealing with issues you encounter on the road easier. The front Full HD camera keeps track of what is going on in front of your vehicle, whilst the rear HD camera guards your rear bumper. Thanks to the magnetic holder, snapping the camera in place takes just a second. Plus, with GPS and a speed camera database covering 36 countries, you can easily avoid fines.


With a 150 ° viewing angle and Full HD resolution, the TrueCam M7 GPS Dual captures all the details you need for your ride. Your back is also covered thanks to a rear camera with a viewing angle of 130 ° and HD resolution.



The compact size and matte black color guarantee that TrueCam M7 GPS Dual will not obstruct your view or attract unwanted attention.



TrueCam M7 GPS Dual is a joy to use thanks to its large LCD screen with great visibility and English menu.



Mounting the cam into the magnetic holder only takes a second, and the special stopper ensures that mounting is stable and safe.


Protect yourself and your car on the road with TrueCam M7 GPS Dual camera

Ready before you belt up

For the TrueCam M5 Wi-Fi, we used a revolutionary magnetic mount for quick installation and we’ve used it with the M7 as well. Expect ease of use and maximum protection with a locking mechanism, in addition to the magnet, that holds the camera firmly in place on even the most destroyed roads. This latest dashcam also comes equipped with a magnetic removable GPS module and thanks to a metal lens surround, it’s simple to attach an additional magnetic polarizing CPL filter that removes unwanted windscreen glare.

Dual cameras = double protection

The benefits of a dashcam are dependant upon the quality of the recordings. It must be sharp and smooth so that you can recognize details such as number plates or faces even at speed. The TrueCam M7 can do just that, plus it also simultaneously protects the front and rear. The front shoots in Full HD at 30 frames a second and covers a wide angle of 150°. The rear is adjustable, shoots in HD and can also be placed on the windscreen pointed towards the car. This makes it easy to shoot what’s happening inside the vehicle – ideal for taxi drivers.


Be protected 24/7

Most dashcams can manage daytime light conditions. But they really prove their worth in low light conditions. The TrueCam M7 lens and optical sensor automatically adjust to low light and dark conditions to capture clear video that you can use as evidence in the event of an accident. This is further improved by WDR which helps when exiting a tunnel or meeting an oncoming car.


Avoid fines

Want to know about fixed speed cameras in 36 countries? With the snap-in magnetic GPS module, you’ll no longer be surprised by speed cameras and red light cameras. We have over 40 thousand sites in the database and we are always adding more. Thanks to positioning data, you can also show your speed in video.

Ideal balance between size and view

Your dashcam should never obstruct your view. At the same time, it’s also great when you can take a close look at the shots – that’s why we’ve provided the TrueCam M7 with a highly legible two-inch high-resolution display with wide viewing angles. Nevertheless, we’ve still managed to keep it compact so as not to attract the attention of passers-by.

Handles everything like a true TrueCam

The TrueCam M7 takes care of almost everything for you by itself. It automatically starts recording, so you’ll never forget to start it. It deletes the oldest unnecessary files itself, so you don’t have to delete them manually. The G-sensor detects impacts and automatically protects the video. And if you want to lock videos yourself, you can do it at the touch of a button. Plus, all controls are in English.

Safe, long-lasting power supply

Instead of a conventional battery, we’ve used a safer capacitor with a much longer life. It can easily cope with temperature changes. At the same time, its properties do not deteriorate over time. To shoot video, the camera must always be connected to a power supply, but this is a matter of course for dashcams.

Safe even in the car park

Has an inattentive driver driven into your car whilst parking? The TrueCam M7 will help you with this thanks to parking mode. The G-sensor detects an impact, both cameras turn on instantly and start recording. Just leave the camera plugged in and the evidence is yours.

Professional footage thanks to CPL (optional)

Your videos become perfect thanks to the optional polarizing filter. Polarizing, because it reduces the amount of light and lets in exactly as many sun rays as needed. The video itself gets better contrast and colours. At the same time, the CPL filter prevents unwanted reflection from the dashboard on the windscreen. The result is flawless and saturated footage.

Software application installed enabling it to display both video and Google maps on the one screen

Front and rear camera

The combination of Full HD front and HD rear camera is ideal for the best possible protection when driving and parking. Whatever happens around you will be captured on film. The rear camera is adjustable and can also be placed on the windscreen to record what’s happening inside the vehicle.

Conclusive night shots

Both the lens and optical sensor can adapt to poor lighting conditions, so you can get high-quality video even on a completely unlit road outside the city.


Wide Dynamic Range helps balance out light and shade so you can always clearly see what you’re shooting. This is useful when leaving a tunnel or under very bright lights.


Thanks to the screensaver, the camera will not dazzle or distract you at night or in the dark and will still record. With the speedometer function, it can also show your current speed.

Polarized CPL filters

The magnetic CPL filters click easily onto the lens in seconds and instantly remove unwanted reflections on the windscreen interior.

PC app with location data

View your captured video at rest on your computer. Thanks to the location data from the GPS module, the application will also show the route on Google Maps including the speed.

Speed and location in video

GPS allows you to display speed directly on the video itself. This makes it clear whether you were speeding or not. At the same time, the recorded location data means you can see where the car was driving. Both functions can be turned off.

Comprehensive speed camera database

The TrueCam M7 alerts you whenever you approach average speed cameras, red light cameras and fixed speed cameras. We know of more than 40,000 locations in 36 countries and are constantly adding more.

Supports cards up to 64GB

Memory will never be an issue, thanks to microSD support up to 64 GB. Plus, loop recording means the camera itself deletes the oldest unnecessary files automatically.

Dashcam TrueCam M7 GPS Dual – Eyes in front and back